Comparison – Book Publishers & Success Publishing

Matt Morris

FeaturesOld-School PublishingTypical Self-PublishingSuccess Publishing®
Author RightsPublisher maintains the Intellectual Property rightsAuthor maintains the Intellectual Property rightsAuthor maintains ownership and control of Intellectual Property rights
Time to MarketUsually 18-24 monthsUsually 3-6 months30 days FedEx speed & precision
RoyaltiesAverage of 4% to 15% Royalty, typically based on Net sales, paid twice a year.20% to 100% of net sales depending on whether author does it themselves or hires a publishing service.Author receives 100% of all Royalties directly.

We take 0%.
AdvancesDepending upon author’s reputation, an advance may occurNo advances but typically a $10,000 to $15,000 cost.No advances since all royalties go directly to the author.
DesignBooks are given a custom designed interior and cover. An author service company may offer template driven designs or custom design services to purchase.Books are designed to impress including the back cover’s custom content.
EditingPublisher controls editing and final manuscript content and quality.An author service company may offer to edit for a fee.In no more than 1 to 3 hours, clients use our worksheet to write their chapter or authors may utilize our ghostwriter.
Printing & DistributionAll printing costs are covered in the up front fee charged. Minimum orders are required by the authorAuthors assume all cost associated with distribution and printing. Authors assume all cost associated with distribution and printing.
Author Book DiscountsTypically 50% of retail price and often very large minimum orders.Authors may purchase their book at wholesale plus shipping. No minimums.
Authors may purchase their book at wholesale (approximately $3 each) plus shipping. No minimums.
Book Purchase RequirementMany major houses require authors to purchase 5,000 copies, or more, of the book upon its release, usually at a 50-60% discount off retailNo requirement, ever.No requirement, ever.
Return RateAverage of 45+% bookstore return rates which are usually shredded for the tax benefitBooks are typically sold on a non-returnable basis and are not available in bookstoresOffering only through Amazon or other online sites eliminates all risk of losses due to returns.
PR SupportUnless author is one of the top 6%, no PR Support is offeredNo PR support is providedPR campaign to 400+ global news outlets linked to the Author’s custom website & optimized Amazon author site.
Partner StatusAuthors are sometimes treated as a partner
Authors are treated as a customerAuthors are treated as valuable partners in the process.
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