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Skyrocket the success of your connections by helping them transform from Grinder to Rainmaker!

So what’s the difference between a Grinder and a Rainmaker? Well, you’re probably a Rainmaker. You make money no matter what company you’re working with, the state of the economy, or the product or service. Rainmakers manage how others perceive them. And most importantly, they help others perceive them as an Authority.

Grinders struggle! They work way too hard for way too little. And because they don’t know what else to do, they do more of what’s not working, expecting a different result. And, like most in business, they’re a casualty waiting to happen.

Why not offer the most Valuable Solution in Business Today? By solving the #1 problem that causes your connections agonizing PAIN every single day, you eliminate their struggle! And what is that worth to them? Well, just remember what it felt like to you when you realized that you were no longer a Grinder… that you’d achieved the status of Rainmaker. That deals just seemed to close easier. And that money just fell like rain.

The brutal truth is that customers don’t buy from people they don’t TRUST! Most Grinders use HOPE marketing, praying for conversions while watching most prospects buy from competitors that do not offer the same caliber of solution they were offering. Plain and simple, Trust results from perceived Authority. The proven science of The Authority Effect transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary! Why? Because Authors possess Authority! Because people perceive Authors as experts. Experts solve problems. And Experts deliver value worth paying for. It’s that profound.

How do you earn commissions?

To earn commissions as an affiliate, just promote The Authority Effect using your special linking code. Each time you refer a prospect (when they click on your link), we’ll track the new Author with a variety of tracking mechanisms. When a transaction occurs, your account is credited with the 20% commission from the sale.

At any time, you can login to your secured administration area and see real-time statistics on your referrals!

We pay!

As an affiliate of Team Authority, we’ll reward you for every transaction that a user makes from your linking code, using Infusionsoft to track and report on sales transactions. Commissions are paid after we transform your connection into an Author – approximately 30 days after they deliver their chapter to us. If they choose our payout option of two or three months, your 20% share will follow accordingly.

For every sale generated by referrals coming from your link–we pay you 20% commission. Please note that all prices and commissions are in US dollars and are paid via PayPal. And unlike many other companies, we actually do pay our affiliates. Every time. On time!

As an example, The Authority Effect publishing and media package carries an estimated retail value of $23,000. Our contract offers it at $11,000 because we provide a passthrough batch processing discount. But, in order to begin Authority mentality that demands decisiveness, those that act immediately reap the reward and pay $5,997 (roughly $6k). Your 20% would equate to a $1,200 commission.

We do all the work!

You simply link to us and get paid for every one of your connections that purchases The Authority Effect.

  • Our system thoroughly explains the Offer, the proven Science, and what we deliver. We specifically distinguish what The Authority Effect can do and what it won’t.
  • We contract via DocuSign to ensure that their expectations are aligned with our deliverables before they pay.
  • We process the orders using Infusion’s proven software and secure servers.
  • We work with our Authors, answering all their questions – during the 30-day production process and down the road.
  • And, if there are any cancellations, we’ll follow through professionally. Please note that your commissions must be returned, or credited by another referral transaction, within 5 business days.
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