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In those days, the eyes of all Romans were focused on the capital of the Empire. Whether they were people of insight who were worried about the future of the Empire or fanatics who hoped for God’s miracle because of their pious faith, people were hoping that Rome could get out of this sudden change as soon as possible. Countless Roman scholars and law masters came to Constantinople, the cream of the Empire who had been ordered to enter the capital to write the code, but became participants in this unexpected trial. The result of such a trial surprised everyone! Although everything that happened on that day was so chaotic, the unexpected outcome became more and more confusing with the trial. There was no evidence to prove that Ryan Sian was innocent, because the men he sent did disappear without a trace, but no one could only prove that it was his Trabizan Guard with the remnants of weapons and armor left behind. Similarly, no one could point out that the holy water Martina drank was arranged by Ryan Sian, but he could not prove his innocence in this matter. All this made the eyes of the Roman people focus on the Senate of Rome. In the indignant cries of the prayers, in the noise of Constantinople, who were always easily controlled by emotions, in the gaze of the Roman nobles and military generals, the final choice was placed before the senators, and they were in a dilemma. Lord Rihal,foldable bulk container, the warden of Recre, had not had a very pleasant time, and his comfortable life had become chaotic since the emperor’s sudden visit to Recre. According to the emperor’s orders, the warden had to collect all the information he knew about the prisoners in prison in detail, and he had to write clearly who was related to whom,collapsible bulk container, and who was treated better or worse because of whom. At the same time, he not only had to accept the benefits as usual, but also wrote out the number of bribes given to him by the dignitaries of Constantinople who had bribed him as evidence. And all this, compared with the people who came to him every time to ask for such information, Rihal felt that it was really not a hard job. Although he had only met the Minister of Inspection once, Hector’s unforgettable and terrible face had made the man who had done countless bad things impossible to forget. He remembered Hector’s keen interest in watching the terrible instruments of torture as he led the Lord down the basement leading to the channel, and the Lord watched each one carefully for a while, and then carefully moved the instruments, which had been blackened and marked, and kept gesturing. Then he said casually in a voice that Rihal would never forget: “These are the things. I really hope that Rome will never use them again. But if I need them, I hope they are really as good as you say, plastic pallet bin ,wholesale plastic pallet, or better than you say.” Rihal could not forget Hector’s expression when he said these words, which made him believe that the Lord’s heart must be made of stone or something more terrible, and because of this, Rihal always maintained a cautious and flattering attitude towards the Lord and his men who were later sent to ask him for the evidence. Because he knew that these men were the ones he was really afraid of compared to the generals who were in the spotlight in Constantinople. But just when Rihar thought he was going to live like this every day, what he didn’t expect was that his Rackley would suddenly have a distinguished guest. Although this horrible prison is famous for having held several emperors, Rihal himself was hosting an emperor for the first time. So after receiving the order, he immediately arranged the best cell for Ryan Sian according to the order of Emperor Lunge. Then he immediately mobilized all the people in the prison, carefully guarded the guards, and for a moment the whole prison became very tense. But to Rihar’s surprise, Ryan Sian, who was put in prison, did not seem to care much about what happened to him as a prisoner. He got up on time every day, and after morning prayers, he would enjoy a good breakfast, and then he would casually start the day with nothing to do. But in Rihar’s view, the emperor, who had been imprisoned, seemed to be waiting for something. Sure enough, as Rihar had surmised, on the thirteenth day of Rhensian’s imprisonment in the prison of Recre, half a month after St. Auguste’s Day, on a slightly gloomy morning, the Roman Emperor Lunge suddenly came to the prison of Recre again. Rihar, who had been prepared this time, immediately took the emperor into the dark prison. He carefully told Lenger all the way what had happened to Ryan Sian after he was locked up. When he found that the emperor did not seem to be surprised, the warden of Recre could not help wondering if he already had the eyes and ears of the inspector in his own prison. Ryan Sian’s cell was not very large, but it was very clean, and the sunlight from a deep window high overhead could reach a large area of the cell. When Lunge reached the door, Ryan Sian was sitting on the stone bed, looking up at the occasional clouds passing through the small stone window. A smile appeared on Ryan Sian’s face when he saw Lunge appear. He seemed to stretch out his arm to Lunge casually through the fence, as if he were still sitting together in Leo Hall. Even though his hand immediately touched the railing in front of him, his face did not lose its temper because of this. My friend, here you are at last. I thought you would only meet me at the trial. Ryan Sian smiled easily, and after looking at Lunge carefully for a while,drum spill containment, he suddenly sighed softly. I never thought it would end up like this, Renger, and I never thought you’d actually put me on trial. 。

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