Why Success Publishing?

In 2009, as the Founder and CEO of what was, at the time, the #1 most visited personal development website on the internet with customers in over 100 countries, Matt Morris decided to pursue his dream of becoming a published author.

After submitting his book proposal to dozens of major publishers, he received an offer for a $25,000 advance to write his book, The Unemployed Millionaire. You can imagine his excitement… the dream he had in his heart for over a decade was finally manifesting itself.

But there’s a story behind the glitz and glamour that most authors don’t want to confess. In fact, it’s a hustle run by most well-known publishing houses. First, they typically obligate you to have to pay 50% of the retail price if you want to buy copies of your own book! In Matt’s case, over $11 per book and he had to buy 1,000 at a time!

Next, the royalties were a meager 20% of the wholesale price. And that was before he had to pay his agent! So best case, Matt was earning around $1 per book – or less if it was a Kindle version. And even less through international! Ouch.

Not only that, the publisher owns the rights, so you’re essentially held hostage if you want to repurpose the content in your book. After spending hundreds of hours writing and rewriting his story, going back and forth endless times with the editors, only to realize that he had received a raw deal, it was a hard pill to swallow.

After writing his life’s work, only to realize any efforts to sell his book would pay him mere pennies and simply send the bulk of the profits to the publisher, frustration isn’t the word… It’s something worse.

Matt realized that, in most cases, authors receive a raw deal from the major publishing houses. And while you may not be able to pay your bills with pride, Matt’s saving grace was the pride of now being a bestselling author.

The Unemployed MILLIONAIRE

It became an international bestseller its first week out. But what he couldn’t have predicted was what being an author would do for his image. His career skyrocketed. All of sudden he was no longer just a very successful entrepreneur, he was catapulted to celebrity status.

Instead of handing out a boring business card like everyone else, Matt began giving people a copy of his book and autographing it for them. Business deals began closing faster and easier than ever. And instead of having to chase people down, now they were chasing him.

The way other people introduced him was now different. Speaking on stages around the globe, audiences listened more attentively and took him more seriously… it seemed even his off the cuff comments were now taken as some profound Chinese proverb.

His income skyrocketed putting him into the million dollar per year club allowing him to live his dreams of jet-setting around the world, and driving the Ferrari he had dreamed of as a young boy.

Becoming an author had transformed him into an authority!


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While Matt’s “deal” with the publisher may have felt completely unfair, the celebrity status and the incredible income and benefits of becoming a published author were certainly worth it.

Being a creator personality with an intense drive to help others, Matt began asking…

What if we created a new concept in publishing?

What if we help authors experience all of the incredible benefits of becoming an author but without all of the typical pains of spending hundreds of hours in the process and then making authors wait six months to a year to be published?

What if we could help someone become a published author by spending only 2-5 hours of their time and give them a beautifully published book in less than a month giving them the celebrity status that only a book provides?

What if, instead of giving authors a raw deal on the profits, we allow the authors to earn as much as the publisher?

What if, instead of holding authors hostage, we free authors to repurpose their content however they desire?

What if, instead of charging 50% of the retail price of the book, we allow authors to buy copies of their own book AT COST?

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